Paris Agreement: Description, Features and Implications

The problem of global warming is so often seen at various levels that it has ceased to be something frightening for ordinary citizens. Many do not understand and do not realize the catastrophic situation with the Earth. Perhaps, therefore, for some, a very serious event, which dealt with the settlement of issues related to minimizing the amount of harmful emissions resulting from anthropogenic activities, passed

What is an atmospheric front? Atmospheric fronts, cyclones and anticyclones

Rain ... Snow ... Piercing wind ... The scorching sun ... These manifestations of the weather have been familiar to each of us from deep childhood. But even after studying the geography of the school diligently, we still sometimes wonder at sudden temperature drops and unusual natural disasters. Atmospheric fronts are invariably associated with climatic leaps

The climate of the world - in the past and the future

Everyone knows that the climate of the world throughout the existence of the planet Earth has changed all the time. The periods of the tropics and subtropics were replaced by global icing, and vice versa. How did this happen and what awaits all of us, our children and grandchildren in the near foreseeable future

Do everyone know how to disperse the clouds over Moscow?

We are used to the fact that in the days of big holidays Moscow parades and celebrations are not overshadowed by bad weather. The technology of local weather improvement is well developed today, although the history of this trend goes back centuries. Everything depends on the weather Any news includes a weather forecast, too much depends on it

Yaroslavl: climate, ecology, transport, tourism

Yaroslavl is one of the major cities of the European part of Russia. In terms of population, it ranks third in the list of cities in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation. Located to the northeast of Moscow. It is an important rail and road transport hub. There is also an airport and a river port

Climate of the Sverdlovsk region: description, characteristics and features

Generalized average statistical indicators of weather change over a multi-year period are called climate. It is a regular repeatability of certain types of weather, which are distinguished by certain parameters of averaged climatic indications. Location of the area Sverdlovsk region is located in Eurasia, in the central part of the continent

When will spring come? Weather forecast for spring. Folk omens about spring

In the old days, when there were no televisions and computers, people determined the weather with signs and sayings. For example, a wonderful time of the year is spring, when the gentle sun gradually begins to warm, the snow melts, the birds sing and the high water comes. Fresh grass grows from under the snow, dry leaves are seen, flowers grow

Activation - what is it, or when extreme weather pleases?

How sometimes you do not want to get up early in the morning and hurry on business! That would be to come up with some serious reason, for example, to "get sick." By the way, what's up with the actuation outside the window? “Activation” - what does the word mean? The weather is often changeable, and if you go somewhere, you should at least take a look at the thermometer. Pr

Mallorca - weather for months: December, January, February, March and other months

Even those who have repeatedly visited this country and who seem to know it well, usually do not take into account the simple fact that the Iberian Peninsula in Europe is not all of Spain. She has other territories. Island Spain Located in the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands are an autonomous territory of Spain

What year was the warmest winter in Russia? The frequency and localization of the natural phenomenon

It is fair to say that the climate in most of the territory of the Russian Federation continues to be rather harsh, especially in relation to European “neighbors”. The weather usual for the Russian winter months is frost, a piercing wind and a lot of snow. Despite this, abnormally warm winters continue to be a phenomenon that periodically occurs throughout the world, judging by regular meteorological observations from 1981 to the present day. Ne

Where to go in the winter, or where is warm for the New Year?

Many simply can not tolerate the winter cold, which brings unbearable boredom instead of a sense of celebration. Therefore, the question of where the New Year is warm is immediately relevant. It is much more pleasant to meet this holiday on the beach surrounded by friends and unusual bright vegetation than in a quiet apartment when a snowstorm rages outside

When does the rainy season in Vietnam last?

Vietnam is too extended from north to south. Its territory is located in several climatic zones. Therefore, the question of when the rainy season begins and ends in Vietnam is unambiguously difficult to answer. Tourists vacationing in Thailand and knowing that the subequatorial belt is covered with heavy rain in the summer can come to Hanoi in the winter and be amazed

Climate of the Nizhny Novgorod region: features

The climate of the Nizhny Novgorod region is similar to the weather conditions of the center of the western part of Russia. The seasons are clearly expressed. The boundaries between the seasons are due to a change in average temperatures. In the article we will tell about the features of the climate of the Nizhny Novgorod region at different times of the year

The most stunning natural disasters of 2018: summing up

As a result of earthquakes in Indonesia, floods in Japan and volcanic eruptions in Guatemala - natural disasters in 2018 - thousands of people died and hundreds more thousands were injured or fled. The deadly forest fires in California show the dangers of nature and its cataclysms. Read below for the 10 most deadly natural disasters of 2018

In Turkey, snowfall, in Greece -23: an unusual winter covered Europe abnormal winter (video)

The inhabitants of Athens woke up and saw a very rare sight - centuries-old monuments, covered with white snow. Greece turned white. The Temple of Zeus and the Athenian Acropolis have become almost unrecognizable. The nearby island of Cyprus also suffered from an anomalous natural phenomenon for this breadth

We're going to rest where it's hot in January

When the weather is gloomy outside, the snow falls and the first ice begins, it’s hard to imagine that there are cities and countries on the planet where it is warm at this time of year, the sea is warm, the sun is shining brightly, and the beaches are attacked by tourists. It is not surprising that, where it is hot in January, there are always a lot of holidaymakers who come to enjoy the warm sunshine and the beauty of exotic nature.

What is climate and what happens to it?

We very often use such concepts as "weather" and "climate". But do we always clearly understand what it is? And if we know more about the weather, not everyone will say what the climate is. Let's try to figure it out. Weather is a state of the atmospheric layer of air near the surface of the earth above any territory at a given time

A man makes a fascinating walk on the frozen Lake Baikal (video)

What could be better than walking in the frosty fresh air? That's right, just a walk through the frozen Lake Baikal, which is impressive in its scale and crystal clarity. Even foreign tourists who come to the Baikal-Lensky Reserve to admire the local beauties know about this firsthand. Frost and sun

Why is there heat in the Urals? Causes of abnormal heat in the Urals

Sometimes nature gives us unusually hot days. For example, such people could observe the inhabitants of the Urals this summer. The air temperature at this time reached a record maximum. Changes in global climate, global warming, ice melting and others are among the possible causes of the anomaly. In this article we tried to figure out why the heat in the Urals was most of the summer

The coldest winters in the last century. What to expect from 2018?

Recently, the inhabitants of central Russia are not completely happy with winter. The snow mounds that you cannot rake and the impassable paths are forgotten when you leave the house early in the morning. Now we have more and more snowless or rainy Christmas holidays in general, and it’s not possible to count on a significant drop in temperature at all on the frost of Christians.

Temperature in Cyprus for months

Favorite by many Mediterranean resort - the island of Cyprus - is famous for its excellent beaches, sunny weather and dry hot climate. In summer, the air warms up so much that the temperature in Cyprus exceeds the 35 ° C mark. That is why not all tourists love beach holidays in the midst of the warm season.

What is the weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November? Rest with comfort

Not many resorts in the world can boast that even in the autumn-winter period their hotels are packed to capacity. In this sense, Egypt is just a unique country. For example, the weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November is such that the resorts located on the shores of the Mediterranean and Black Seas can only envy her

In regions of the United States, where frost froths, boiling water trick is gaining popularity.

The midwestern United States has covered the polar vortex, which brought with it a sharp cooling and precipitation. Despite the weather conditions, people, in order to cope with boredom, decided to hold a challenge and share it with friends. So, they show that in their area is so cold that you can instantly freeze a pot of boiling water

What is the winter temperature in Australia?

Surely many of those who are reading this article right now thought that Australia is the land of eternal summer. Alas, but it is not so, but on this continent, as well as we, have their own seasons: their own winter and their own summer. However, they are completely different ... What is the climate and temperature in the winter in Australia

Folk omens about the weather in October. Russian weather signs

Have you thought about how people who were not provided with information from the meteorological center planned their agricultural (and other) works? How did they, poor people, manage to harvest and store crops, survive in terrible frosts, and so on? After all, for them bad weather or drought, cold or heat were of much greater importance than for the current population

A terrible typhoon: Hainan overtook a disaster

"East Hawaii" - so they say about Hainan, an island with the ever-warm South China Sea, gentle climate and unique nature. This province, superbly adapted for recreation, was chosen by Russian tourists for a reason. The ratio of service, price and comfort is very pleasant. Coming now to the Chinese island, it is hard to imagine that here in 2016 a powerful typhoon managed to manage

How does a person affect the weather? The impact of human activity on climate and weather

Currently, one of the major global problems is climate. If you realize how a person influences the weather, you will be able to understand how the world around us is changing. People recently pay less attention to the problems of the planet, perceiving it as a bottomless warehouse and a free trash bin, while they themselves are rushing in pursuit of material goods

Verification of measuring instruments: organization and procedure

For a long time in Russia, the following practice existed in the field of metrology: the permissible norms were established only by the relevant government decrees. It was necessary to adopt an appropriate law in this area. This was done in 1993. The Law "On ensuring the uniformity of measurements" was adopted

According to scientists, 2019 will be the hottest in human history

Scientists warn that under the influence of El Nino and climate change, the planet will heat up. The term refers to the variation in the temperature of the upper Pacific Ocean waters affecting the climate. The reverse phase of the process of shifting warm water is called La Nina. According to world scientists, the process of Southern Oscillation (El Nino) is in full swing, therefore there is a risk that in 2019 the temperature will be higher than in the whole of history

The coldest capitals of the world: a list. Weather in Ulaanbaatar. What will be the winter in Moscow

In the modern world there are more than two hundred capitals. Residents of some of them do not know what summer is - winter lasts almost all year round there! In this article we will talk about the coldest capitals of the world. What are these cities and where are they located? The coldest capitals of the world (list) Oymyakon is considered the most "frosty" settlement of the planet

What is the impact of the geomagnetic environment?

Geomagnetic activity is a disturbance that can last from several hours to a couple of days on the surface of the Sun. In the light of recent studies of these events, it is becoming increasingly clear that when assessing the health status of patients and its preservation, it is impossible to neglect space factors

Orange hazard level on the color scale

Our nature does not have bad weather - a wise saying that comes to us from the past. Of course, for the environment, any weather is good, but abnormal weather phenomena for a person certainly bring only losses. With the aim of warning and informing the population of the country, the Republican Hydrometeorological Center many years ago introduced the use of a color value scale to describe the level of danger of weather phenomena

Climate features of the Murmansk region

The Murmansk region is a unique corner with peculiar vegetation, atypical periods of the seasons. The climate of the Murmansk region has no analogues, it is incomparable even with those regions that are located in similar latitudes. This is due to the geographical location of the region. Despite the harsh weather conditions, there are interesting places, amazing flora and fauna, as well as unique natural phenomena

The climate in the Maldives for months. Maldives archipelago

In the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are "precious pearls" - thousands of randomly scattered tiny islands. They form dozens of coral atolls with lagoons, elevations, reefs, straits. This island necklace is called the Maldives Archipelago. This exotic paradise the Most High hid not far from the equator, near Sri Lanka

Egypt in October: weather and prices

Who among us does not want to visit uncharted lands? The love of travel in each of us in the blood. Meanwhile, it is especially pleasant to go to warm countries when it is cold at home. But how not to get into a mess and not to get from one fall to another? In this article we will talk about whether to go to Egypt in October

What is rainfall and how is it dangerous?

If suddenly there was a thunderbolt, gusts of wind that resembled a squall, were suddenly struck by lightning, then there is no doubt that very heavy rain will follow. Explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language explain that this phenomenon is called rain. Moisture evaporated from the earth's surface condenses and turns into clouds

Flooding in Venice. Element does not spare the city

When floods occur in Venice, the inhabitants of this wonderful Italian city face many problems. It is known that the settlement is located on the islands, of which there are about one hundred and twenty in the area (Venetian lagoon). Between them there are about one hundred and fifty channels through which four hundred bridges are spanned

Atmospheric pressure: normal

In ancient times, people first noticed the effect of air pressure on surrounding objects and people's health. Most of all this was noticeable during natural disasters (hurricanes, storms, etc.). Until it was proved that air has weight, mankind could not explain at the expense of what many processes occur on the planet associated with the weather and the well-being of people

Coca climate in Simferopol?

In the summer, many people are looking for places to go to relax. Recently, for Russians, rest in the Crimea has become very popular, because the peninsula has a favorable climate and good conditions. It costs a lot to set up cities as tourism is a very profitable business in the Crimea. One of the main centers where they go to rest, became the beautiful city of Simferopol

Normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow: what does it depend on?

As in other places, in the capital of Russia the well-being of people directly depends on what the normal atmospheric pressure in Moscow is. It consists of several components. This is the geographical latitude, the height of the settlement above sea level, air temperature and so on. In addition, the value with which the atmosphere puts pressure on people is very irregular and changes even during the day

The climate of Vietnam: useful information for tourists

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a unique geographical location, namely: the country is so elongated in shape that it covers several climatic zones at once. The southern part of the state is located in the part where the tropical monsoon climate prevails, and the seasons are recognized depending on how much precipitation has fallen and in which direction the wind blows

Drought - this phenomenon is not mysterious, but the methods of dealing with it are still not known to man.

Our planet, civilizations, humanity for thousands of years are faced with phenomena that contribute to their formation and development, and destruction. Echoes of cataclysms, natural disasters are daily heard even in the most comfortable for living areas of the Earth. One of these phenomena, peculiar to each epoch and striking hundreds of thousands of lives every minute, is drought

Climate features in Kazan

There is a stereotype that Kazan is quite warm. And many, having arrived in the capital of Tatarstan in the winter, are very surprised to find there severe frosts. The climate in Kazan is in fact very similar to the climate of the capital of Russia. And what's more, it is even slightly colder. What is the climatic region in Kazan

Storm in the ocean. Causes and consequences

More than half of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Without it, all living things cannot exist. And yet this environment is deadly. Scientists believe that the ocean is not well studied. The storm in the ocean and the sea is a rather beautiful, even fascinating sight. And at the same time, this is a dangerous weather phenomenon.

When was the most heavy snowfall in Moscow, and what to expect from the weather today

Snow frosty winters - who doesn't love them? Remember how great it was in childhood to play snowballs, sculpt a snowman. But lately in the winter there has been no such abundant rainfall. So what to expect next? When is snowfall expected in Moscow? A lot of snow is good? Of course, not everyone is happy for the harsh winters, especially when the weather in Moscow presents snowfall

The forecaster is who? Profession description, methods for determining the weather forecast, weather forecaster

Many people have heard the word "weather forecaster" and associate this person as someone associated with the weather. But what is this profession really? What do they do? How can they predict the weather and what methods? Why is this so important? What is the difference from a meteorologist

Red Sea, Eilat - weather for months

Eilat is located on a small length of the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. This is the southernmost geographic point of the state of Israel. From ancient and modern history The first mention of this city are contained in the Old Testament and refer to the first millennium BC. In its vicinity were the legendary mines of King Solomon, in other words, the mines for the extraction of minerals

Annual temperature amplitude: how to calculate, calculation features

We all know that the inhabitants of the globe live in completely different climatic zones. That is why with the onset of cold weather in one hemisphere, warming begins in the other. Many go on vacation to bask in the sun in other countries and do not even think about the annual amplitude of temperatures

Fascinating shots show the rare phenomenon of "ice pancakes"

Fascinating shots show a variety of "ice pancakes" of various sizes, which cover the river in the Scottish Highlands. A rare phenomenon on the Helmsdale River was so spectacular that it prompted a group of photographers to stop and take a few shots. Stop - see the frame! Daniel Norrie, a 31-year-old photographer, took photos and videos of ice pancakes that appear when pieces of ice flock to each other and create round shapes

Climate of Veliky Novgorod: the main characteristics

Veliky Novgorod is one of the major cities in the north-west of the European part of Russia. It is the capital of the Novgorod region. It has a long and vivid history, which is reflected in the sights of the city. The population is 222, 868 people. Area - 90 km 2 . The climate of Veliky Novgorod is cool, moderately humid, similar to the climate of St

Greece in October - the weather beckons!

Whatever a person is engaged in life or duty, he still has a thirst for adventure in his heart. And no adventure is more exciting than a journey. The road, opening new countries and cities, gives everyone a great opportunity to "see people and show themselves." If you decide to travel in the fall, then consider a destination like Greece

Weather in Turkey for months. Weather in May, June, July, August, September, October, etc.

Turkey is a paradise for tourists coming to rest from all over the world. The successful location of the country at the crossroads of Asia and Europe made it a wonderful resort. Attracting many travelers not only reasonable cost of services. Turkey is a territory that was inhabited in the past by great civilizations, which left behind cities of amazing architecture

When is Indian summer coming and what is it?

No calendar will tell exactly when this wonderful time will be. And the point is not that scientists are lagging behind in their knowledge. The point is the very concept. It is not a calendar. It is similar to the sensations of the soul. Only not man determines this, but nature. Her energy rests from the hot summer and prepares for rainy autumn

Climate Chita: features of each season

The city of Chita is the capital of the Trans-Baikal Territory. The settlement is surrounded by wooded hills, and in the city itself the two rivers merge, Ingoda and Chita. In the east, the Chersky Ridge is located, and in the west, the Yablonyi Ridge, along which extends a whole chain of Ivano-Arakhley lakes, which are interconnected by channels

Temperature in the UAE by months: when it is better to rest, water and air temperature, tips for tourists

Travelers who have already rested in Turkey or Egypt will definitely want to diversify their trips. And the most popular place in this case are the United Arab Emirates. Rest here is possible at any time of the year, hotels provide high-class service, and tourist will be interested in shopping complexes with a large number of technological innovations

People signs for April by day. Folk calendar for April: signs

For a long time, people paid attention to phenomena occurring in nature, which could help them to predict whether this year the summer will be hot and the winter will be frosty, what crop to expect and whether there will be fish in the rivers and a bird in the lakes. For many centuries, our ancestors collected folk omens for April, which can tell a lot about the upcoming summer and the coming autumn

Wind power in points: maximum, minimum, Beaufort scale and classification

Each natural phenomenon with different degrees of severity, it is customary to evaluate in accordance with certain criteria. Especially if it is necessary to transmit information about it quickly and accurately. For wind strength, points in the Beaufort scale became a single international reference point

Weather in Spain in October. Holidays in Spain in September - early October: what is the weather like?

Spain is good because it can be visited in almost any period of the year. And if it turned out that vacation is possible only in the fall, then it is not necessary to despair. Spanish cities will welcome you with open arms. About autumn in the resorts will not remind you of anything. And in this review we will talk about the weather in Spain in September and October

Bolshevik Island: where it is located, description, history of study

In the Arctic Ocean lies the Northern Earth archipelago. It consists of four large islands and many smaller ones. The article describes the second largest island of the archipelago - the Bolshevik. It is the southern tip of the Northern Earth, washed by two seas at once - Kara and Laptev. It is separated from the mainland by the Vilkitsky Strait, and from the island of the October Revolution - by the Shokalsky Strait

Canary Islands - weather for months. Canary Islands - the weather in April. Canary Islands - May weather

This is one of the most amazing corners of our blue-eyed planet! The Canary Islands are the pearl of the Castilian crown in the past and the pride of modern Spain. A paradise for tourists, where the gentle sun always shines, and the sea (that is, the Atlantic Ocean) invites you to plunge into transparent waves

When is the best time to go to Tunisia? Tunisia Weather by Month

Tunisia is located in the northeast of the African continent and is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Weather conditions of the state depend on the closest natural objects: the sea and the famous Sahara desert. Comfortable Mediterranean climate offers visitors dry, hot or mild weather, depending on the time of year

Climate Toronto, Canada: average monthly temperature

Toronto is a Canadian millionaire city. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is the administrative center of the province of the same name. Its population is at least 2.6 million people, which is why Toronto was named the fifth most populous city in North America. The climate in this city is rather mild, but sometimes it may seem too hot or, conversely, cold

What is the climate in Ekaterinburg? Weather in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is located in the center of Eurasia near the Ural mountain range, on the banks of the r. Iset, is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region. The distance to Moscow is 1, 667 thousand km. The scientific and cultural life of the Urals is concentrated here. There are high-tech logistics hubs: six highways of the federal level, an international airport

Climate Taganrog - detailed description

Taganrog - a city in the south-west of the Rostov region. The administrative center of the region is the city of Rostov-on-Don, it is located east of Taganrog, at a distance of 70 km from it. The considered settlement is located on the shores of the Azov Sea (Taganrog Bay). The city was founded in 1698 by decree of Peter-1

Tunisia. Weather in October. Feedback and impressions

Summer is an absolute time for vacations. People enjoy the heat and the sun, try to use every minute to get as many pleasant emotions as possible and to remember how gently the body and soul warm the sun's rays. Many are looking forward to summer days to go on a trip and enjoy a chic vacation on luxury foreign beaches

What is the weather in September in Anapa? What is the water temperature?

September is a favorite month for many. It is full of romance and bright colors. In September, lovers prefer a quiet and relaxing pastime. Arriving in Anapa this month, you can relax and get an unforgettable experience. This is an ideal month for those who are tired of life in the metropolis and want to regain their strength, get a boost of energy

What is a tornado and what determines its appearance?

Fortunately, few people in our country know what a tornado is. Of course, we do not mean small turbulence, sometimes arising in the fields and desert roads. We are talking about giant atmospheric eddies, which, as a rule, appear in a thundercloud and descend almost to the very earth's surface in the form of a trunk or a cloud arm with a diameter of several tens, or even hundreds of meters

Turkey in May: it's time to relax

Traditionally, the first decade of May is considered our days off. Some like to spend these days in the country, engaging in sowing. But sometimes you want to take advantage of this long weekend and arrange a mini-vacation for yourself. But where to go these days? At the hearing of all Turkey, the most popular country among the Russians

Temperature in Vietnam: water and air temperature

For some reason, people think that in Vietnam the temperature is suitable for recreation all year round, but it is not. In the northern part of the country in winter is not hot at all, but rather cold. This is due to the peculiarities of the terrain: mountain ranges are located from north to south, passing cold air from Eurasia

Monsoon is a phenomenon that affects the climate of entire continents.

For a long time, man has been watching nature. Often seafarers noticed steady winds blowing towards the continents. Monsoon - this is the same wind that changes its direction twice a year. In summer, it is directed from the ocean to the mainland. It brings with it torrential rains and abundant moisture

Where is the hottest summer in Russia. Weather in Russia

Russians have already got used to the abnormal weather. In recent years, the heat beats all records recorded over the past 100 years. Meteorological news told that in its entire history the hottest summer in Russia was issued in 2010. However, some regions of Russia in the summer of 2014 also experienced unprecedented heat, especially its central part

London's climate: myths and reality

London is a city steeped in mystical romance. Misty Albion annually attracts millions of tourists with its noble beauty. Beautiful urban landscapes, the majestic Big Ben and the Royal Palace building, resting under the veil of milk clouds ... There are legends about the climate of London and Britain as a whole

Are you dreaming of warm countries, and are you planning a trip in the winter? The temperature in Egypt in December will bring comfort and warm sea!

How sometimes you want to escape from the cold winter and plunge into the warm summer! How to do this, because it is impossible to speed up time? Or maybe just visit the country in which the gentle sun heats the whole year? This is a great solution for people who like to relax in the cold season! The temperature in Egypt in December will perfectly satisfy the needs of tourists who dream of lying on a snow-white beach and soak in the warm waters of the Red Sea

Why is summer hot and cold in winter?

We are used to the fact that the seasons are changing. The winter comes to be replaced by spring behind it - summer, and there it is already autumn ... For us, this is a common phenomenon. Temperature change In winter, we are cold from the cold. And summer is hot to us. We long for the arrival of heat

Where is hot in winter, or Where to go in the cold season

It is not always possible to get a vacation in the blessed summer season: too many people want to rest at this particular time, and the work of the company cannot be stopped. Therefore, a person who has received the opportunity to recover his strength in the cold time, the question arises, where is hot in winter and where to go to this time

Rhodes in September: weather and entertainment

There is a marvelous place in the Aegean Sea - the island of Rhodes. It is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and is its largest island. There is one very beautiful legend associated with this corner of the earth: Rhodes, who rose from the sea, charmed Apollo with his beauty, who gave him a blessing

The climate in the Tula region by season

Tula region is located almost in the middle of the East European Plain. The northern boundary of the region goes to the valley of the Oka River, and the southern outskirts descends to the rivers Zushi and the Beautiful Sword. Tula region is bordered by Moscow, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Oryol and Kaluga regions

Should I rest in Cyprus in December?

Each person has his own idea of ​​how to rest. Some people love to soak up the sunshine, while others are delighted with the 3-hour walk. Whatever type of holiday you prefer, in the winter months you cannot enjoy good weather everywhere. Where to rest on New Year's Eve? Cyprus in December is wonderful, that's about it today and will be discussed. Wh

The climate of Abkhazia for months: features, recommendations and reviews of tourists

On the southeastern coast of the Black Sea in the western part of Transcaucasia is a magical corner of the earth - Abkhazia. Its climate is very mild, which contributes to the year-round influx of tourists to this republic. People appreciate these places for their healing mountain air, clear sea and unmatched landscapes

Climate of Kirov: features and characteristics

Kirov (Kirov region) is one of the major cities of the Ural region. It refers to the Volga Federal District. It is the administrative center of the Kirov region. The city is located at a distance of 896 km from Moscow, in the north-east direction. It is an industrial, scientific and cultural center of the Urals

Psychologists explain why people do not believe in global climate change

Scientists around the world are warning us about the dangers of global warming. The scientific community has long reached a consensus - climate change threatens a huge number of species that live on earth, and man is one of these species. Unfortunately, today only the scientific community can boast of a unanimous opinion

In 2019, America will bring snow - another prediction of the "guest from the future"

A certain Noah, who calls himself a time traveler, continues to haunt the minds of gullible Internet users. Once they had come to terms with the news of the global drought, he gave another prediction. No less terrible. So, the other day a guest from the future said: "A terrible blizzard will fall on American cities in 2019

Wind rose in Moscow: features, impact on the environment

The climate of Moscow is characterized by moderate continental, pronounced seasonality, average humidity. Winter is moderately cold, and severe frosts occur rarely. Summer is moderate, as a rule, without strong heat and drought. All this makes the Moscow climate favorable for human habitation. The wind rose in Moscow is determined by geographical location and terrain conditions

Egypt: weather for months. Hurghada: weather for months, water temperature

A northeastern African country with an amazing and distinctive ancient history, captured in monumental buildings ... A state that uses its amazing marine recreational resources in the tourism industry ... This, of course, is about such an amazing corner of the world as Egypt. Weather for months in the territory of its resorts is extremely changeable

Slush is not a joke!

The slush formula is simple: some kind of liquid (most often rain or sleet) plus soil. The formula of mud is almost the same, with the exception of one important point. It may be dried at the appropriate temperature. But slush is an exceptionally liquid substance and a bright sign of the certainly damp weather

Muscovites who do not wear hats in the cold threatened with baldness

Residents of the capital face baldness if they do not start wearing hats. Lack of headgear is fraught with many consequences - from hypothermia to sudden hair loss. Nikolai Potekaev, chief dermatovenerologist of the health department and director of the MNPTs of dermatovenerology and cosmetology, made a loud statement

And how does ice differ from ice? Ice and ice: differences, features and methods of struggle

Winter manifestations of the nature of the townspeople today affect as far as they prevent them from getting to work or home. On this basis, many are confused in purely meteorological terms. It is unlikely that any one of the inhabitants of megalopolises will be able to answer the question of how ice is different from ice

Spain: temperature for months. Weather in Spain

The whole territory of Spain can be divided into three parts according to the characteristics of its climate: the climate is Mediterranean in the south of the country, continental in its central parts and the Atlantic in the north-west of the country. In addition, the alpine climate in the region of the Pyrenees Mountains, the semi-arid climate of Murcia, and the subtropical climate of the Canary Islands should be especially emphasized

The maximum amount of precipitation falls in which part of the planet?

Atmospheric precipitation is moisture that falls to the surface of the Earth from the atmosphere. They accumulate in the clouds, but not all of them allow moisture to fall to the surface of the planet. To do this, it is necessary that the drops or crystals could overcome the air resistance by gaining enough mass for this

Belgorod: climate and ecology

Belgorod is a small town in Russia, located near the Ukrainian border (40 kilometers) - 80 kilometers from Kharkov. Location in the south-west of the country has an impact on the economy of Belgorod, climate and ecology. Chernozem and favorable weather conditions contribute to the development of agriculture, which brings considerable income to the region

Iran's climate: its features and description by months

Iran is a country from an oriental tale. This country, formerly known as Persia, is filled with beautiful architectural heritage. Nature has awarded Iran a warm and sultry climate. About him and will go on. Due to its climate, Iran began to win the hearts of tourists. People who decide to visit this historic country are not afraid of mountains, deserts and high air temperatures

How to escape from the heat? We are sly on fiction!

How to escape from the heat in summer, when the thermometer does not fall below +30, when the asphalt melts, and the air seems viscous and thick, like jelly? Many people feel extremely uncomfortable in the summer. Try the tips below and the long-awaited relief will surely come. How to escape from the heat of the house • First of all, pay attention to the windows.

Weather in Goa. Weather by Month

Goa is a small state in India, which is one of the ideal resorts in the world. Especially if you look at the climate of Goa. The weather for the months is softer and smoother in comparison with the other states. In Goa, temperature drops are insignificant. The period from December to January is considered to be the coolest here, the temperature ranges from +19 0 С to +30 0 С.

The warmest month in Antarctica. Temperature in Antarctica by months

Polar scientists and weather forecasters jokingly call Antarctica the “weather kitchen” for the entire planet. Experts know for sure when conditions are more or less favorable for traveling around the South Geographical Pole. Ordinary people often speculate: “What is the warmest month behind the Antarctic Circle? Are

Temperature in April in Egypt. April Holidays in Egypt

In most cases, Egypt is associated with a summer or winter holiday. At the beginning of June, it is time for vacations, and at the end of the year - a huge number of holidays, respectively, weekends. This time is the best for the trip. But few people ask the question of what is the temperature in April in Egypt or, for example, in November

You did not see such a rainbow. The rarest anomaly was filmed in the USA (photo)

Users are massively sharing a triple rainbow on social networks. Over the past 250 years, only five such events have been recorded. The triple rainbow can appear only near water bodies. It is called "reflected". Rainbow layout On November 28th, a triple rainbow appeared in Maine, the city of Robbinstone

Interesting statuses about the weather and mood

People love to share their emotions, including in social networks. One cannot but agree that the mood around most of them is largely influenced by what is happening around. There are numerous statuses about the weather, which reflect the inner state of a person, his personal attitude to what surrounds him

Folk spring signs

Folk signs - a whole layer of folklore. To understand the world around them, people from ancient times tried to systematize knowledge. They observed nature, weather changes and gradually formed a certain regularity out of them. There are many signs associated with holiday dates, ceremonies, children, animals

Island Tenerife in September and not only: climate, weather and reviews about the rest

Among the Canary Islands the most huge and famous is the island of Tenerife. In September, millions of tourists from all over the world come to him every year to enjoy its beauty, the warm sea, and a lot of pleasant and positive emotions. Of course, all these charms are available on the island all year round, but most often it is September's vacation that becomes the most colorful, vivid and memorable

Going on vacation: where is November warm?

It is not always possible to take time off at work during the summer months. This year you will rest in the late fall? This is not a reason to get upset and watch the falling snow from the window of your own apartment. There are many places in the world where it is warm in November and, if you wish, it is not at all difficult to relax in one of them at the highest level