Amanda Kearney: Biography and Filmography


Amanda Kearney starred in several projects, the most famous of which can be called the TV series Workaholics, the movie Star of the Internet and some others. She is a video blogger on YouTube and uploads her work there every Sunday.

Amanda Kearney, for example, made a video of how swimsuits changed their shape over time, and she chose the year 1890 as the point of reference. The video takes about 2 minutes and covers the period to the present. One of the video works of the author can be seen below. It tells in a joking way about problems with sleep.



Amanda Rachel Kerney was born in America, in the state of Pennsylvania. She was born on 06/26/1991. She has a lot of fans not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram and Facebook. He is one of the most popular bloggers on Instagram. Amanda also played in different paintings of such studios, such as, for example, Paramount, Universal, and so on. She herself wrote and released a lot of parodies, video clips - about 3000. All these videos collect more than one hundred views. Below you can see one of the photos of Amanda Kearney.


She worked as a model, fitness trainer, and also provides charitable assistance so far in Puerto Rico and Haiti. Amanda founded a new service - video on demand, called "Zeus", due out this year, 2018th. It cooperates with fairly well-known brands, for example, Ubisoft, Nike, and so on. She was also invited as a model in the ad campaign Spring 2018. She currently lives in the city of Los Angeles. In Amanda Kearny's biography there is a shoot in Playboy in 2011. The first motion picture she took part in was “Let's Meet” series, where she played the role of Melanie. Next was the film "The Party of Adam Levin, " the series of 2016, Amanda plays the role of Leilani in it.


The series tells about the people in the cult. There are three of them, and it seems they are in no way connected to each other. All these people disappear in a completely unknown way in an incomprehensible way. A year before this incident, three more people left the cult. When they learned about the loss, they began to panic. In this film, Amanda played the role of Brida.



This series began to take off in 2011, and Amanda plays in it about the role of Colleen in the seventh season. This is a story about three people, they are friends. They live together, work together. They are not used to any deadlines, but they end up in the office. Yes, they do the work well, but they may be late, they may come a little tipsy, they can joke - and not always successfully. The main thing for them is how will pass today. Who else would tell them which one …

"Flight Mode"

The largest social networking convention in the world will be held in Australia. Logan Paul goes there and is afraid to death, because he is flying for the first time. His nightmares come true: the passengers did not turn off the phones, and the controls of the aircraft broke down. Logan must conquer his fears and figure out how to save everyone.

"Code 211"

The list of films with Amanda Kearney includes this tape, where she played Sarah. If one police officer transmits code 211, then another understands that someone is robbing a bank. The picture was based on the story that occurred in the north of Hollywood in 1997. Chandler is an officer and went to shift. Then he received a signal and rushed to the scene.


Superstition: the rule of three

The picture is removed, the release date - presumably October 2018th. The film, which is currently being shot by Amanda Kearney, tells of superstition, as if deaths occur with three interconnected people. The tape also tells about the dependence of people on social networks and technologies, that we are accustomed to living in the world of 24-hour news, and our culture creates only violence and fear.

After studying for 2 years at university, Sarah and her friends found out about one online game and wanted to participate in it. The game is called The Dead Pool. The meaning of this game is quite simple: the participants make bets on who will die later than everyone else. Nobody knows who started the game, but everyone plays it. Foolish joke goes too far and turns to horror. Sarah chose one person, and he really died, and Sarah wins.


The mysterious creator of the game appears, begins to pursue the girl and her friends, depriving them of their lives one by one. Worst of all, the evidence points to Sarah as a murderer; as a result, she becomes an outcast on campus and the main target of the killer.


The film is at the stage of filming. In this picture, Amanda Kearney plays Lexi. Derek Kidd and his Notorious teammates are like a family, they want to get into a professional league. However, it will not be easy. They almost succeeded, but the enemy team defeats them. They urgently need to find a lot of money, and quickly, as a result of which they have to deal with an unscrupulous guy Louis. The team is determined, in spite of everything, to stand and win.

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