Irina Sokolovskaya, mother of Vlad Sokolovsky


The name of Vlad Sokolovsky, one of the most successful “manufacturers” of the 7th season, hasn’t recently disappeared from the pages of tabloids. In 2015, fans were happy for him in connection with his marriage to Rita Dakota, another “fabrikantke”, with whom he had known for 8 years before marriage. In October 2017, the couple had a daughter named Miya, but in the summer of this year it became known about the separation of a star couple. But the heroine of our article is Irina Sokolovskaya, the mother of Vlad Sokolovsky, whose family union is one of the strongest in show business.

Life before meeting with Andrey Sokolovsky

It seemed that Irina's life was predetermined. Her parents were circus artists with whom she toured around the country. Vsevolod Hertz, a famous power juggler, was once married to Vera Serbina, who first performed in tandem with an acrobatic number sister, and then prepared a solo project - balancing act on a wire.


Irina Sokolovskaya (maiden name Herz), born on January 11, 1953, also dreamed of becoming a circus actress. In 1972 she graduated from GUTSEI, performed with a dance number on a wire. However, marriage, the birth in 1986 of Darina’s daughter and numerous injuries forced the woman to change her occupation. In 1987, she graduated from the GITIS directorial department and began putting numbers not only in the circus, but also on the stage.

Fateful acquaintance

Irina Sokolovskaya was married to a wealthy man named Konstantin, who invested money in V. Yudashkin's projects. Soon she became the director of the famous theater stylist. It was at this time that her acquaintance with Andrei Sokolovsky, who led the ballet "Retsital", took place. Combining their efforts, they began to work together with F. Kirkorov, preparing his show programs.

At first, they were connected exclusively by joint activities. Between Irina and Andrew, the age difference is almost 13 years, besides the woman at that time was married. But in one of the moments of despair, when there was a discord in the family, and not everything went smoothly in work, 35-year-old Irina found support in her 23-year-old partner. He came to support a colleague, and lingered for nearly 30 years.


Joint project - "X-Mission"

Creating a new family, Irina Sokolovskaya sought to join forces with her husband in everything. They set up everyday life, having built the apartment of their dreams on the October Field, worked together in the programs of Sergey Penkin and Irina Allegrova, Valery Meladze and Natasha Koroleva. In 1991, September 24, the couple had a son in whom they put all their love.

But the main brainchild of creativity was a unique group, called "X-Mission". It was a vocal and dance project in which Andrei Sokolovsky began performing as a soloist. The idea was implemented in 1997. As a result of the casting, A. Kulygin, V. Forostyany and A. Shibaev were also selected to the musical group. Over the years, the group has been quite sought-after and successful.

The main project Sokolovsky


Today, first of all, Irina Sokolovskaya is the mother of the ex-soloist of the duet “BiS” Vlad Sokolovsky. The boy appeared on the big stage at the age of three. Few people remember, but he sang along with F. Kirkorov in the song “My Bunny”, popular at that time. For a whole year with his father, he toured with a group of the king of the national stage. Andrei Sokolovsky, being a choreographer, gave the young man to an art school where he studied classical dance. The last 4 years, Vlad spent in the children's composition of the group "Todes".

What was the position in raising the son of Irina Sokolovskaya? Vlad Sokolovsky from childhood studied everything that he was interested. It was clear that his main path - creativity. He was fond of vocals, drumming and even boxing. And he was not denied anything. Fame came to the boy when he went to the casting of "Star Factory". It was there that the duet "BiS" was created, which Andrei Sokolovsky undertook to produce. Today Vlad has a solo career, but the artist is not lost on stage. Thanks to his ability to dance, he turns every performance into a small show.


Irina Sokolovskaya skillfully leads the family boat, remaining an example for her children. Her eldest daughter, Darina, followed in her footsteps, training animals in the circus. She has a great relationship with Andrei Sokolovsky, who largely replaced her father.


In January, Irina Sokolovskaya celebrated her anniversary. She turned 65. The holiday was quite modest, in the circle of relatives and friends. Irina's husband considers his wife very wise. She still remains for him a main friend, a reliable partner and a truly beloved woman.

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